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Most people associate yoga with postures and stretches, however Mantra Yoga and Bhakti Yoga utilize the power of sound and music. There are many benefits to these styles of yoga including: concentration, healing, devotion, communion, and fun!


Kirtan is the practice of call and response singing (or chanting) in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Love. Singing in a group opens the heart and elevates the spirit.


Come check out a FREE 30-minute Mantra Yoga class every Monday @ 7:30 PM at Insight Yoga in Allentown, PA. No musical or yoga experience necessary. All are welcome.


Mantra Meditation Kit by Yogi Joe

Contains everything for your meditative journey:


- JAPA MALA (prayer beads) handmade by Yogi Joe

- "Mantra Yoga for Love & Light" AUDIO CD

- "An Intro to Yoga & Mantra Meditation" BOOKLET

- a protective fabric drawstring bag for your mala


Each mala is unique. If you desire a specific color, gemstone, etc. please list in comment box during checkout. Additional charge may be applied for custom malas.